Long Way Home in the Cold

I’m not going to be your second choice
though somewhere inside me, I disagree
When I am used up and you throw me away
Remind me that I deserved this for who I am

Suicide is the easy way out
but it gets harder with each passing day
Shoot the messenger, yeah I told you everything
and you leave me where I lay

I’ll be clinging to every sarcastic remark
back here, where you left me in the dark
Your emerald eyes strike me like lightning
in the night, they’re so frightening
It’s a long way home in the cold

I hit the road just to see you
even knowing you won’t be alone
Every shard of my broken heart
presses against my tightening chest

Be truthful, do you give a damn?
I’m one sob story away from disintegration
Yeah I was a bit too forward at times
but you were always so reserved

The End

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