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Ofcousre I think of him often.

he never leaves my mind;

my dreams are disturbed by the thought of his kiss,

my thoughts are interupted by the image of him knocking on my door and sweeping me off my feet.

but I cant push away one fact,

the fact that could be changed,

the fact that if I pointed out I would never live it down,

The fact that im suposed to over look,

because I do love him!

I physically yurn for him, I want to fall asleep on his chest and listen to his beating heart on the drum of my ear.

I want to be with him,

just not his body,

His person inside is my perfect soul mate!


but not his body....

how can my thin lean body curve with his round shape.

how can I even comprehend this?!

OFCOUSRE! I've tried!

my brain wont let me!

it wont work!

I love you

Im just not in love with you!

I want YOU

just not you....

and I wish we could be together...

but the fact of the matter just wont go away!

and I cant ask you to change, it would kill me...

The End

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