Long Poetry


He stands there waiting,
For how long he cannot say.
He can feel her close now
How, he cannot explain.
She rounds the corner,
And he takes in a breath.
It’s time now more than ever,
To put this all to rest.

“Hey you,” she says and smiles,
And his insides weigh a ton.
He takes in all her beauty,
She is his setting Sun.
“I called you here to tell you…”
He pauses one last time
“That I am going away”
He feels tears sting his eyes.

She opens her mouth to answer,
But he hasn’t got the time
To let her talk him out of it
Inside, his heart is dying.
“I know you’ll never love me
But sadly, I love you.
You may never know the pain inside,
I hope you never do.”

He turns and starts to walk away
But she’s instantly by his side.
“Why are you going?”
Again, she’s ignored his cry.
“I know it’s not your fault
That you do not feel the same,
But your ignorance just kills me.
To me this ain’t a game.”

“Look, I really like you
But I’m not in that place.”
He nods without looking back.
“I will not forget your face.”
He steps away, his legs are numb,
He hears no more what she says.
It’s over now, he tells himself
She’s no longer his craze.

She shouts and shouts after him,
Why won’t he stop and turn?
What she never saw before,
This act has made her learn.
He stood before her all this time,
She was adored with all his heart.
Now she feels him inside hers,
And it’s tearing her apart.

She never saw his face again,
But often in her sleep,
When she called he stopped and turned
Her heart would start to leap.
But then she’d wake up all alone,
With nothing but her fears.
If he was here, which he is not,
He’d wipe away her tears.

He moved away and settled down,
He still thought of that day.
He got married and had two kids,
But dreamt of running away.
At night he’d dream she called his name,
He’d stop and always turn
And as she smiled he’d wake and cry,
For the soulmate that he yearned.

The End

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