Long Gone Alone

This poem is about the emotion that I was going through...

Had gone through it before,

It was worse than this,

Felt like a folk lore,

But now it's even worse like a devil's kiss,

The more I think about it,

The more depth of heaviness I feel,

If I try not to think about it,

Makes me feel like a hiding tigress ready for a kill.

I can't control the fate that we meet,

The pain drives me nuts but I do my best to keep me sane,

There's few who listen and give their heart,

But the ones you expect more from avoid the broken lane,

They feel like a horse dragging an unbelievably heavy cart.

Every path I travel along,

Right now they feel like a crushed cursed thorn,

Laying right there, and I walk on it with a heart full of love song.

The End

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