Long face


As I held your long face

I feared your brittle bones would snap

like the vine in a hurricane

like a flash of the eyes against my-


So I tossed our love down the stairs

and you turned in a system of blind machinery

cold hands, cold mind, cold heart

Cold sweat, huddled against the relentless gale


The flowers come sailing down

Over our heads and empty hearts

and I took your long face in my hands

and missed the frost setting in your eyes


I recoil from your thick limbs

clip my wings and lift my head

up to the harsh sun in defiance

root myself in the soil, twining 'round my feet


Silence thickens around us

a molten heat boiling underneath

our freezing stretched skin

and the windows shake in our storm


The moment I opened my eyes I trembled

and I saw you, the withered shell of a person

frightful and ugly, not a hint of the flowers upon your brow

the breath rattled in my chest


My hands froze, ice trailing

a cold, cold path up my arms, into my hair

throwing shards into my bones

I released your precious long face


Thorns sprouted from my toes, up to my lips

I discarded my wings

and climbed, instead, to the top of the stairs

looking where our love had dissolved into the floor.

The End

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