Lonely Spirit

The restless will wander, but few will notice.

I roam this world,
Depressed and alone,
I wish I could leave,
I want to go home.

Nobody can see me,
They just look right through,
I miss my friends and family,
And they miss me too.

I know how I got here,
I know who to blame,
If she hadn't come along,
Things would all be the same.

A woman wearing red,
Her hair thick and black,
She said she was my friend,
Until the attack.

A flash of silver,
The edge of a blade,
Pain and blood,
Darkness and shade.

I woke with a start,
On the floor of red,
I checked for wounds,
But found nothing instead.

I could stand and walk,
And I felt no pain,
Who knew such a gift,
Could drive you insane.

I felt an urge to travel,
But I didn't know where,
So I followed my instincts,
And eventually got there.

Everyone wore black,
With tears in their eyes,
And I finally understood,
As they said their goodbyes.

The End

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