Lonely Girl

It's a short poem that involves a girl who is ignored on Valentine's Day (or any other day where you give chocolates/cake).

The day for her had come

And she stares at everyone

It’s a day for hugs and fun

But the girl somehow felt lonesome


The cookies and chocolates she had made

Were only left there to fade

She tried to speak, but no one had heard

These feelings of hers that seemed absurd


The food she made was strangely sweet

The glow in her eyes were amazingly bitter

The girl had closed her heart once more

The old wound had become sore


“I’m not here, I shouldn’t even try

Since I’m not here, I shouldn’t even cry

I thought I grew wings that could make me fly

But I only hear regrets and goodbye.”


Softly spoken, the girl cries

Her last hope had said goodbye

It was only an illusion of her heart

That she could leave loneliness, her part.

The End

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