Lonely Friend

Imaginary friends aren't so imaginary

When all are gone
But I linger on,
He is there beside me
He stays there inside me

You may not see him
But I can always see him
He is my lonely friend
And Sometimes, my only friend

Together we joke, laugh, and cry
We are a perfect pair, him and I
He is always kind and caring
I am always secret sharing

I truly love him, I really do
He often says he loves me too.
And I know, when all are gone,
My lonely friend will linger on.

But I have never held him
And imagined love quickly grows dim
I may grow tired of speaking to myself
I may long to speak to someone else

Someday I may leave him behind
When real love I truly find
But until then, I am content
To linger on with my Lonely friend

The End

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