Lonely Boy

There once was a boy

Lonely and sad

Of problems and issues

A myriad he had


An ailment afflicted him

Terrible but true

You see he could never

Get close to you


For if he did

A cloud would descend

Misery would seize you

And you would cry for the end


He radiated an energy

Of pure sadness and pain

That seeped through every pore

Ran through every vein


He was not evil

Mean or unkind

All he ever wanted

Was a friend of some kind


Until one day 

He met a girl

Lips of red, hair of black

Skin the colour of ivory pearl


The girl was grieving

It was easy to see

And it came to light

Her name was Misery


Misery was a writer

Of poetry and rhyme

She wrote of darkness, death

And the passing of time


But she was not very good

She had to confess

For these things you need more hardship

And less happiness


She had a happy life

Had plenty of friends

Her life was good

That was the end


But she wanted to write

Desperately so

She was out of ideas

To find her woe


Lonely Boy smiled to himself 

And thought

He could help her to write

So her poems could be bought


He proposed the idea

Outside a graveyard

That with him around

Writing with pain was far from hard


Misery listened

And fell instantly in love

She had been sent a dark angel

From far up above


Though he made her feel hollow

Lost and alone

He helped her to write

The darkest of poems


Lonely Boy had a friend

A friend at last

He didn't feel sad 

Or like an outcast


Misery sold books

Left, right and centre

Recognised in every

Bookshop she entered


Misery gave the words

Lonely Boy the laughter

And that way they lived

Miserably Ever After

The End

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