Do you feel lonely
Do you feel like the only person in the world
Like you can walk down the street and no one will see you
You can speak every word and no one will hear. 

The only people we see
Are our shadows on the walls
And our faces in the mirrors 

Our eyes deceive us.

When you feel lonely, remember
When people are not standing by our sides
They are following the trails we leave behind
Stepping in the footsteps we create
And watching wherever we lead. 

When you feel lonely, remember
Sometimes people don’t listen to your words
Because they are too busy watching the shape of your lips
The way your hands move when you get excited. 

When you get lonely, remember
Shadows blend together until they look like one
So maybe that shadow on the wall is not just yours
But a collection of others walking the same path. 

When you get lonely, remember
Sometimes we feel like we are alone in the world
But there will always be someone that needs our footsteps in the sand
Even when we do not see them there.

The End

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