To whom this is addressed you'll probably never read itMature

You see her night after night chasing down the bad asses

These 'men' who don't know how to love

They lust for her touch so she let's them

I look down on her body

As I help nurse another hangover

I see their fingerprints like claw marks

Emotionally she's ripped apart

I keep trying to put her back together 

Sewing frantically at the seams

But it seems she'd rather fall apart in the arms of a man who could never love her

She says I treat her to nice I say that's how it should be

I tell her she should slow down before she catches an std

Then she shut me out

I wasn't thinking what came out my mouth

Like firing into the darkness trying to kill the overcast 

I was thinking of her safety and purity

Because to me she was the perfect woman 

But I guess I wasn't her type of man

I should've read the fine print

Apparently she wasn't looking for supportive

I stood by your side for a year

Sort of like a kickstand

She couldn't take it anymore

Her definition of love involved distance

She kicked rocks left the state

Now I'm in a state of disarray 

Shit it seemed like just yesterday 

I took you to see that movie

Because you're boyfriend said it was to cheesy

I honestly don't remember the name of the movie

And I missed the plot I was too busy looking at the smile upon your face 

That was all I needed just a taste 

And I was hooked

But I kept getting overlooked

We hung out almost everyday but your nights where spent chasing bad asses

The End

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