I'm ###^ed up on pills and empty, guess there's never been a better time to scribble some @*#& out and type it up for vultures to feed off of, huh?


Nothing is gonna change,

no one ever stays,

You lie in bed with them,

For two or three days 

and then you move on.



Their hands reach out but always fail to grasp you

To hold onto you 

You don't understand, 

It was so easy for them to dig their fingers

inside you the night before,

So easy for them to take more than their fair share of you,

Why is it so hard for them to hold your hand?

Why is it so hard to pull you back against their chest

and just hold you?

Why do they always need to take a piece of you?



What is there to remember when you're just a shadow, 

A figment of their imagination, 

Gone before they can see your silhouette outlined in the sunrise?

You go where the wind blows your ashes;

You accept the small doses of love allotted to you

before you're laid in the blankets

of lust that your bones are warmed in.


How did you get here?

How did you get here?

How did you let yourself get here?

You know better,

you've learned to be better than this,

So how did you get here?


Maybe if you stopped running from heart to heart, 

You could remember where you placed your own.

Maybe you could remember when arms felt like home

Instead of caskets. 

The End

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