Loneliness Can Kill

This talks about how people really dont care about others in this world. Everyone goes about their daily lives and are never concerned for anyone but themselves.

Sometimes I wonder about the world

And everything inside it.

We live through demons it has hurled,

We somehow still survive it.

Yet somehow people just ignore

The terrors brought to our senses

That seem to shake the inner core

Of us, we hang suspended

So desperately clawing the air

Try to find things to hang on to

While those below you laugh or stare

Not caring a thing about you.

The tears you cry become the rain,

The coldness of the water

Can kill a person, all the pain

Immerse you, pull you under.

How can we live in such a mess

Our lives tearing apart

Why can we never just confess

The evils of our hearts?

The End

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