The Man with the Slumped Shoulders

This anthology explores a number of facets of loneliness - the complexity was always to find alternate and unorthodox perspectives. The poems explore both societal and deeply personal experiences of loneliness - both looking in and peering out. Unfortunately loneliness, by definition, can only have negative connotations; however hopefully this anthology does not have a morbid or pessimistic impact on the reader, but rather offers an insightful exploration of this human condition.

The man with the slumped shoulders

Looked up at the sky

And sighed.

His black scuffed shoes

Peered out

From city-frayed woollen trousers.

Roiling, grey clouds

Began to cry;

Tears splattered on his upturned face.

A green lit man flashed;

He shambled across the cracked tar

A sharp shoulder sends him sprawling

Slick oil staining his battered knees.

Not an eyelid fluttered,

Or step faltered;

Morose tears fall from the sky

And shroud the man with the slumped shoulders.

The End

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