"Why is SHE so much better than YOU?"                                                                                  "Why can't YOU'RE hair be coloured blue?"

"Why can't YOU be clever like them?"
"Why can't YOU play games like him?"

"It's not fair that she's prettier than YOU"                                                                            "YOU should KILL her, FUCK her mind too."

"If she's DEAD, it won't matter anymore."                                                                           "YOU'LL be the prettiest, the one they all ADORE."

"LOOK at him dancing with that pretty GIRL."                                                                           "He should be YOURS. He should make YOUR mind SWIRL"

"They're better than YOU, and it's just not right."                                                                "Go on, YOU know YOU want to, give them a FRIGHT!"


Everyone gets that familiar prickle,

That familiar tickle as doubt falls in.

Everyone experiences that age-old pang,

That green-tasting tang, as life goes on.


Envy her name is, the girl that causes it,

And Paranoia her twin, is helpful too.

She has green eyes, and dark red hair,

She preys on the weak, and she doesn't really care.


She makes you feel like they're better than you,

Makes you feel down, depressed and blue.

Makes you do things you'd never dream of doing,

From murdering and raping, to stealing and suing.


She makes you take a knife, and indulge in blood,

She makes you take a life, end up in the mud.

Coz you're not as good as them , when she's around,

She wants their blood, to end their sounds.


Envy is a bad ‘un, that's for sure,

She'll end up driving you to a world of gore.

She'll kill you're life as easily as Mentality,

So ignore her, and be whoever you want to be.

The End

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