Be gone from my mind, cruel beast.

I can't take your darkness anymore!

Stop festering where I can't catch you, foul creature,

Evil beast, malevolent animal, be gone!


You are the eternal night within me I cannot escape,

You are the knife I use to hurt myself.

You devour the happiness, the excitement, the delight

They are my best bits for your taste-buds, monster.


You swamp me in a tidal wave of nightmares,

You fill my head with self-hatred and jealousy.

Your twisted face is the centre point of my life,

A putrid, rotten prison inside of myself.


You're the rape-child of Loneliness and fractured Mentality,

A beast borne out of degrading and disheartening years.

You're dirt and mud and rotting things, built up out of my rejections and failures,

And Happiness blazes you till you melt away to nothing.


But you never truly vanish, Beast of Blackness,

Insidious, sneaky, sly, you're always on the outskirts of consciousness,

Always waiting for me to be alone, always ready to pounce,

You're my conceptual predator, and you will hunt until I die.


Depression they call it, the people on the outside,

I call it a prison, they don't truly understand.

Medicine they say will burn the creature away,

But I know it's no good, you can't make happiness in a pill.

The End

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