She used to be beautiful, it's so sad to see her now,

Her dancing was graceful, now I'm asking, how?

How did this happen, how was she so broken?

She used to be gorgeous, bright and well spoken.


Her dress was white, and her manners, good,

Now she's a bitch, and she's covered in blood.

Her beauty made Envy seethe with rage,

Now Envy is giggling through the bars of her cage.


When she walked through the halls, a smile upon her face,

Many lovers and loners longed for her embrace.

Now only one adores her as much,

And she shudders and shivers when she feels his touch.


Her face is cracked now and covered in scars,

Her eyes no longer twinkle and shine like the stars.

They're scars that people left, when they all broke her,

Taunted her and punched her, fucked her and left her.


And dying, floundering, choking on her blood,

He came down, made her think he was good.

But Loneliness had his own game to play,

"Mentality" He whispered "Why don't you stay?"


And he carried her back to his web of deceit,

Where she fell in love and she couldn't retreat.

She loved his cold skin, and his shadowed eyes,

She drunk up the raping, the blights and the lies.


And now she is fractured, lies broken in his nest,

The first of his victims, with a ripped white dress.

And I'm wondering as I stare at her cracked face,

What the hell happened, for her to get to this place?

The End

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