Basically a poem that represents the personification of all the conceptual beasts in a fractured personality. They are like a family in my eyes, all related and all hateful. (Although they're may be a happy one at the end)

I remember you, Loneliness,

I remember how you made me feel.

I can sense you seething, Loneliness,

Because I've ignored you for so long.


I thought I'd escaped you, for a blissful while,

Finally didn't need you and moved on at last.

But you were there all along in the shadowy corners of my pathetic life,

A shadowed man, always beckoning for me to return to you.


I was so in love with you, Loneliness. I needed you.

I needed you to protect me from the world.

Now I loathe you, but I know that you are returning to me,

When I stop, and the rest of the world goes on.


You never leave, do you Loneliness? Never let me be.

When I think you're gone, you're still in the pit of my memories.

And now I can see you, half in the light, grinning...the shadowed man,

Ever smug, and smarmy, you always knew this day would come.


So clever, Loneliness. Waiting for the fantasy to crash down around me,

Waiting to return to my endless affections, to replace reality again.

I can feel you Loneliness, feel your skin bristling with anticipation,

I can hear you whispering paranoia into my ear, and I believe every one.


I can see you creeping into the light, Loneliness,

Sly, creepy and dark, like some malevolent spider.

I know what you're doing, Loneliness. I know your game.

I don't care anymore, Loneliness. Do what you will.


One day soon, I will surrender to you, Loneliness.

Surrender to your spidery limbs and shadowy face.

I'll need you, desperately for happiness, and once more,

You will drag me into your Web of the Abandoned.


The Web of the Abandoned, where the fools are caught,

They fell for you too, because they had no one else.

I escaped once. But I don't believe I'll ever escape again,

Perhaps I never escaped in the first place.


Take me, Loneliness. Rape me if you will it,

Dim my pain, darken my sight, block my hearing.

Kiss me again, Loneliness. Save me from myself,

Beautiful Loneliness. I have no choice but to love you so.

The End

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