Lone Heart

About a person who is lost, confused and feeling exposed to the future ahead..

She's crippled,



Tumbled head over heels,

Fallen off track completely.

Now she stands here,

Looking at you,

Who is off track too,

You don't notice the fighting struggle inside of her.

She's het up,

Pent up,

Not wishing to be in the same dead end position just like before,

There is him

Who she could turn to,

Whom she barely knows

His money more the answer than what her heart goades for.

Or there's the other one,

Across the pond

Who is playing catch up with his own life,

The girl rocks and crys,

Tears a glisten,

Realising the gaping,

The hole that is.

There's him over there,

Wanting one thing.

But his is a key her hole could never fit in.

So now here she stands,





All she needs is an open avenue to glide through,


She's a lone heart

Striding solo

All through the dark.

Waiting for her heroe,

To snatch her up from harm.

A vacant silhouette straining to read the future off of her palm.

The End

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