lock myself in my mind, detach from my plundered bodyMature

you pull my hair back,


your stubbled fingernails

digging into my tender scalp.

you take too much,

too fast,

greedy hands grasp

and snatch what isn't yours.

you steal my innocence,

split my body and soul

in two.

break my spirit.

i never said yes,

you took my silence

as consent.

but i really doubt

that you would

have stopped

even if i did

say no.

for you were always

too rough,

just coal,

no diamond

hidden under that

dangerous exterior.

i think i may be crying,

salty fluid touching my tongue.

too much,

too fast,

i cannot


you don't seem to care

as you take what isn't yours,

and i have time to think

that perhaps

i have made too many


you're just another one.

The End

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