Lock and key yes we are !

I Imagined You As The Moon In The Sky Among the Stars, 
Like a Candle in the Dark , 
Like the Calm of the Rainbow , 
Like the Shine in a Spark , 
I Found You , A Clone of My Imagination , 
As Bright As the Sun, Like a hope In a Fall , 
You Strengthen My Soul, 
You Completed Me Whole.. 
But One Winter Night ; You Said " I Dont Need You Anymore " , And Left Me Cold , 
I Felt a Chill run Through My Spine , 
I Tried to Get Back , Struggling , Fighting With Myself, 
Comforting Myself.. By Fake Illusions , 
I Tried To Grab You .. But All I Could Grab Was Just Air , 
Which I Never Believe Was Fair , 
I Had Found Myself a Pair , 
Your Memories Never Fading , 
Your Voice Lingering , 
I Could Feel My Heart Bleed Not Beat, 
You Pushed Me Down A Thousand Feet , 
I tried To Get Back On My Feet , 
I Wish We Had Been Neat , 
You Tore Apart My Soul , Flesh And Meat .. 
I Wish You Could Wait Somemore , 
I'll Wait For You By the Shore , 
But then I realised You Were No More.. 

The End

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