Lizzie Borden Goes on a Rampage (A Fyre and Mokona production)

Basically, what if Lizzie Borden's nursery rhyme went past the famous first 2 lines with 40 whacks and then 41. Me and Fyre came up with this in civics class, and got pretty far! Take a looksie, hmmm!

Lizzie Borden took an axe,

Gave her father Fourty whacks.


When she saw what she had done,

She gave her father Fourty-One.



If she ever meets up with you,

She will give you Fourty-Two.


And if she sees you with me,

She will give us Fourty-Three.


If in her face you slam the door,

She will give your Fourty-Four.


And if she finds you're still alive,

She will give you Fourty-Five.


If you blast a remix of Styx,

She will give you Fourty-Six.


If you're up in 7th Heaven,

She will give you Fourty-Seven.


And if she's done and you feel hate,

She will give you Fourty-Eight.


But if you get a bunch of twine,

She will die by Fourty-Nine.


And wrap it up around her neck,

She won't get to Fifty yet.


And when you think that you have won,

She'll be back four Fifty-One.


Oh dear oh my what shall we do?

Lizzie Borden's Out For You!


(Chapter Two coming soon!)




The End

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