If The Heart Could Speak

If the heart could speak what would it say

What would it say?

Torn between two worlds

Decisions everyday

True love's trap knocking at the door

Searching for the answers is easy no more

Danger of love, safety of home

Without love your tears are shed alone

Jump off the deep end

Into Death's sweet bliss

Or live through lies and torture

For love's true kiss

Young love may it entice you

Fresh, sweet and divine

Death may it keep you

Wicked cold feezing you in time

A cruel trick played upon your mind

You are suffering slowly

For you have the Death contract signed

The world sees not the pain you bore

But you feel an aching heart, sorrowful and sore

Your true love awaits your decision

For only you know of Life and Death's collision

Keep your fight a live

Your power may endure but your soul can still survive

You have made the final decision

You have seen the final vision

Though each day you suffer more

You know what you are suffering for

So, flightless bird gater your strength

For when the dawn breaks

Your new life awaits

The End

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