Fairy Tales (continued?)

She wasn't built for the gowns and the magic     (Roza)

Nor the castle where she dwelt (Seattle)

Walls set in stone, encasing her spirit. (Seattle)

Imprisoned, that's how she felt   (Azaria)

Waiting for a prince  (Azaria)

That didn't exist  (Azaria)

Because that only happens in Fairy Tales   (Azaria)

With but one single flower (Seattle)

And left to ponder (Seattle)

What life would be like (Seattle)

If she was capable of power (Seattle)

No missing slipper, no posioned apple (Roza)

How long would she have to wait for her 'happily ever after'? (Roza)

Where could her Prince Charming be? (Roza)

Locked in the concept of reality? (Roza)

Would he ever come? (Azaria)

Would she ever be free? (Azaria)

Or would she always be locked in her heart (Azaria)

Sad and lonely? (Azaria)

Tears streaking down her once perfect face (Roza)

Now was the time to take control of her fate (Roza)

For when the dawn breaks (Roza)

Her new life awaits (Roza)

Through the dark forest he runs (Mystic)

He must arrive before the rise of the sun (Mystic)

In the shadows she waits (Seattle)

Every breath bringing her closer to fate (Seattle)

Laughing hideiously (Seattle)

The mistriss who imprisoned her (Seattle)

For she thinks it'll be too late (Seattle)

And sealed will be the gate (Seattle)

But he doesn't stop running (Azaria)

The End

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