Fairy Tales (continued?)

She wasn't built for the gowns and the magic     (Roza)

Nor the castle where she dwelt (Seattle)

Walls set in stone, encasing her spirit. (Seattle)

Imprisoned, that's how she felt   (Azaria)

Waiting for a prince  (Azaria)

That didn't exist  (Azaria)

Because that only happens in Fairy Tales   (Azaria)

With but one single flower (Seattle)

And left to ponder (Seattle)

What life would be like (Seattle)

If she was capable of power (Seattle)

No missing slipper, no posioned apple (Roza)

How long would she have to wait for her 'happily ever after'? (Roza)

Where could her Prince Charming be? (Roza)

Locked in the concept of reality? (Roza)

Would he ever come? (Azaria)

The End

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