Are you gone or are you here

I can feel your prescense near

I'm not sure where you are

But I know you can't be far

Your words they cut me deep

Still your heart is what I seek

You left me all alone

Now my heart beat's a hollow tone

I wish you knew how much this hurts

Cuz every passing day it's worse

I need you to come back

So my world isn't so black

And your light would show me where everything is

And it'd pull me out of this darkness

I can hear your voice in my head

Leading me somewhere I've never been

I try to hold myself together

When I think of whenever

You said together forever

I'll find you someday, somehow

My world is spinning round

You pulled me off the ground

My love for you is settled in my heart

But then you left tearing it apart

My world was filled with blackness

And I was lost in the darkness

The End

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