Livre de Poemes

These are just some of the poems that I wrote. Feel free to add your own!!

She lived her life discreet and quiet,

Wanting someone to be proud, but why even try it?

As if anyone would see,

As if they could perceive,

The pain she felt,

The troubles with which she dealt.

As they carried on with their daily procession,

Not bothering to hear her confession,

She wanted to be loved, to be heard,

She wanted people to notice her.

Someone who cared,

Authentic, never-ending care,

But dream of it,

She didn't dare.

No one had that ability,

To that she held great credibility.

And then came a revelation,

Mounting onto her devestation.

One way to solve the pain,

One way to never hurt again.

She climbed a hill,

One that was sure to kill,

Her feet came off the sacred ground,

To this Earth-she was no longer bound.

From the butte she took a dive,

Her lonliness death would now symbolize.

But unseemly was her death to none,

For no one noticed what she'd done.

The End

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