Living through Me...

You think I can’t hear what you’re saying,

Or that I don’t understand it,

But in fact I can hear you,

And I can understand what you’re saying,

But not why you say those things,

I try my best I really do,

And every time I show you what I’ve done,

You throw back in my face,

And tell me I’m such a waste,

A waste of life,

And that I need to change,

If you would tell me how,

Then maybe I could,

I tried so hard to ask,

When I got my courage to though,

You did the same,

You told me I didn’t understand,

And it was all my fault,

How could it have been?

When I wasn’t even there,

But out surviving the outside world,

Because I left you and everything behind?

I can’t take it anymore,

You’re showing your regrets through me,

And I’m a living example,

Of why you never got there,

Because you never listen,

All you do is see,

See what you want,

And you’re living all this through me...

The End

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