Things are Different

I’ve been staring at your picture for some time

not to be creepy or weird

but because i couldn’t pull my eyes away

memorizing each detail

Too worried I won’t have another chance  

Too scared I’ll forget

I’ve been laying here thinking

Wondering what it would be like

Considering the differences there would have been

But it’s rather pointless isn’t it?

All the questioning, all this daydreaming

You’re gone and while you’ll always be in my heart it’s different now

Things won’t go back to how they were

It’s rather impossible and no one can simply take your place

No one can do what you did

I’ve missed you and I’ll continue to miss you

But things are different now

For the better? I doubt it

But different yes

And for all you’ve done for me I’m grateful

And I hate to sound selfish but i still need you

I wish you were here now

You knew how to make everything better

Or even just disappear for a little

And you just knew what would help

But now I don’t have that

And I’m still working on accepting that

But it’s a lot to take in so forgive my selfishness

and forget my unhappiness  

Move on with your new life, wherever and whatever it may consist of

And i hope one day I’ll see you again

Be held by you once more

Until then I’ll deal with these differences

I’ll remember the details while i search for something new

but still similar to what you were able to give me

The help and love you offered.

The End

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