Accept me please

i’m the same person and the dissapointment in your eyes makes no sense to me

it confuses me and scares me

i feel like i failed you

i can’t help it

i can’t change how my brain works

how i view things

if i did i wouldn’t be me

and that’s what we’re taught over the years right?

be yourself, its ok

but its a lie

it always was

if you don’t fit in

if being yourself is different

you’re cast aside

laughed at and looked down on

there is no equality

nothing that we’ve fought for and are told we have accomplished is true

its not right

its a scam, a dream never to be reached

something will always set us apart

something will always be the center of this hatred

this cold stare

lonely and separate  

forced out

this feeling is not a good one

the tears that stream out of my eyes when im alone

they hurt

they’re real pain

that i let only myself know about

for my ears alone are the sobs

i want to hide

but i’m already out

i want to run

but i stand my ground

hit after hit i take the blow

i feel the hurt but never show it

all you see is a mask

a blank, numb mask

one that shows nothing

feels nothing

has no emotion while behind that mask its twisted

pain, fear, desperation for it all to stop

why is loving someone of the same sex so horrid

i don’t understand the discrimination

the hate, the fear

the thought of it being contagious

where did that even come from?

how did that come about

how can my feeling changing yours?

i’m not protesting your feelings for someone of the opposite sex

your views are not changing mine

your words may hurt me but they do nothing to change who i love

who i am attracted to

that can not be changed

only hidden and lied about

but, why?

why should i

why do i need to

why do i have to lie to be accepted

why shouldn’t you accept me?

i’m not shutting you out because you’re straight

why are you pushing me away because i’m gay

how is that even right?

please enlighten me and show me how this is ok

have we lost the humanity

the way we use to think, the things people before us fought so hard for.

the mere idea of equality

why is such a bad thing

where does it say we must find something to hate

something to blame all our troubles on

to make someone feel insecure to make yourself feel better

to heal yourself

you open gashes in everyone seeming weaker than you

and somehow if you were labeled gay, you were also given other names instantly.

Fag, queer, some very creative ones id rather not repeat

and why? because we’re different?

how does that make us a target for your harmful ways

why does they make us weak

an easy target

tell me please

how on earth is it possible

that you and me are so incredibly different, because i hold her hand

because i chose not to hide

not to be a coward

not to run from who i really am

but that doesn’t mean your words don’t hurt

that doesn’t mean i don’t feel the blows

i can’t ignore that haunting presence

i can’t hold up anymore sometimes

a single tear may fall

but the tear doesn’t make me weak

that tear makes me human

it means i feel

i understand pain and don’t push it on others

i still have my humanity intact

what about you?

can you really even try and say the same?


The End

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