Give me a break

let me breath

you push and pull

you shove these thoughts and expectations onto me

can’t you tell you’re strangling me


i hear your opinions

i know what you think, how you feel

i listen to it all the time

can’t i talk?

can’t i say something?

won’t you hear me?



i have to scream

i have to yell over you

just so you actually know

but do you listen

do you even try

do you actually hear

no, you don’t, you never have


you’re drowning me

you’re pulling me under

filling my ears with your words of doubts

your voice thats like knifes

leaving wounds

thats just getting deeper and never heal


you don’t see me

what if i lay motionless at your feet

what if i stayed silent

no longer held the ability to speak

what if you succeed in breaking me

do you even realize what you’re doing?


do you understand that breaking me is killing me

with out my thoughts, my words

i’m nothing

no point in being here

i have nothing

if no ones listening

why speak

if i don’t speak

i don’t think

if i don’t think, who will i be?

your mindless zombie

your fool

someone who does exactly what you want

who you can bend to your will


forget it

you’re going to hear me

or kill me

i’m not going anywhere

i’m not changing to you’re liking

i’m going to make sure i’m heard

i’m here, i have opinions too, i have a voice

and while these words are on paper, or on a screen in front of you

these are still my words

i may not be giving them a voice, who would hear any way

but maybe someone will read

put their voice to my words

will understand and care enough to try

because thats just it

i’m all out of fight

i’m out of care

out of that fire that starts to burn so strong it feels like it could consume you in seconds

feeding it till your mind is in overdrive

stoking the flames till its all you see, feel, and hear

till thats all you now

till you’ve gone insane and them some

and even without any fight felt

i’m still writing, still typing, still thinking

no matter how much they put me down

beat me and prod till i fit their perfect little image

i’m still here, writing, typing

giving you my words

hoping someone will put a voice to them

before its too late

and the flames extinguished

The End

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