Living Is An Act Of Courage

For everyone who feels fear at what people's reactions are going to be.

When you have to take a deep

Breath and step off the cliff,

Ragged cape's remains trailing

Behind you as you fall, well,

You're a brave one, and a coward.

Or at least you feel like one.

You're spit at on the streets,

Whispered insults aimed at

Your spine, you cry at night.

You're crippled, limping with the

Weight of a thousand worlds on

Your shoulders when you walk.

And you can't handle it anymore,

Your secrets are coming out, and

You're ashamed. You're ashamed

And scared, because there will

Always be people who don't understand,

Who will criticize you for every mistake

You ever made. Some days, just getting

Out of bed is a grueling task and your

Friends are already writing an eulogy,

Your eyes sunken and your skin pale,

Your imagination wasting away in

An empty skull of deflections and

Worries and oh my god, because

For you, living is an act of courage.

The End

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