Lives on in my veins

A girl murders her partner in self-defense and their bloods run together. No boys were hurt in the making of this poem.

Shaking, crying, trembling, bleeding,

Kneeling in a pool of scarlet, our bloods interlock,

There's a knife on the carpet, crimson to the hilt,

The knife I pulled from my own heart,

And plunged into your frozen, decaying heart,

Once again our bloods are mixed,

Part of me is always in you,

And part of you is always in me,

I want to cleanse the crimson liquid from my own,

So you're permanently gone,

And not living on inside my veins,

The blood that coarses through me is poisoned with yours,

You rush and trickle through my veins,

Still very alive,

So now that they've taken you away,

And know it was self defense,

I spend the days cutting and slicing my skin and veins,

Trying to rid myself of you.



The End

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