live with It.

Suppressed to live within a society that one cannot question.
Forced to be silent, to agree with all that occurs.
The feeling of not belonging.

: expressed simply in these poems

How does it feel -
to be known?
Not lost in a world
that isn't your own?

How is it like -
to be loved?
Surrounded by people
and not shunned?

Is it always that easy
to know where to go -
without being questioned,
without falling below?

Deeper and faster
into confusion
Doubting your actions
Never quite certain

What to do?
What to say?
Will it forever be
this way?

Be quiet!
Silence the wrongs.
Silence the questions
Because you don't belong.

Not here.
Not there.
Just breathe
And bear.

No choice
but to stay
No time
left to change.

what is
and live
by it.

The End

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