Live Through Your Lies

Distilled by desertion
I tried to avoid
Coloured pills can't shelter me
I'm kicking around the same excuses
So I can cling to something
Now I've hit the bottom
But I keep slipping
Your the worst mistake
I keep committing
Trampled and ripped by temptation
I have no will to see
The boy I once was, is now a man
Falling apart at the seams
Trying to find someone... anyone
Now I've hit the bottom
I'm walking through Hell
At least now it's over
New beginnings are there for the taking
I spiral downwardsI spiral downwards
But I wont die
I rise above
I rise above
I'm too exhausted to try
Anything that will tear me apart
Cigarettes stubbed out on the floor
There are burns on my carpet
I could lie in the tattered remains
But I don't want to... 
Now I've hit the bottom
I understand that now
You're the illusion that dragged me down
I don't need you anymore
I never wanted to live through your lies
You are nothing to me 

The End

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