Live, Love and Die

this is a poem I wrote on the spot whilst listening to Paramore and it's my English homework, its about a girl who's dieing no ones there to save her and shes remembering when someone important leaves her life:)

I lay there dieing,

On the cold damp road,

With no motivations to live,

I'd always wanted to know, what it felt like to die,

And now my dark wish had come true.


Pain engulfed my lifeless body,

Blur covered my sight, and silence rang though my ears,

I wanted to know what true life was like,

But now my chances were blown by this horrid sight.


You left my life,

But this is not the way I wanted it to end,

The least I could ask for,

Is to die in you loving arms,

But you left me.


Although my vision is a blur, I seen an angel,

Or is it just my mind going mad,

I reach out with my weak feeble finger,

With all my strength left in me,

In the blink of an eye death strikes.


It was the angle of death,

Death seemed easier then life,

My time of death had come, but I wanted to know one thing,

The true answer left on my mind before I died,

Will you remember, and love to tomorrow and forever?






The End

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