little wispers in your blissful ears

i told you more than anyone

i told you more than the most close ones

all the fears i held on

i was so scared and couldnt bare to walk an other step

and now you act as if we never knew

i wish for a better out look

a way of staying lively

i miss those blissful coloured lips

i miss your angel smile

holding myself to sleep at night

i wish to have a better way

only hopeing for the best

the truth is that i was a mess

now the world waits for me

i shall take care of these men to be

God provides to the soulfull hearts

shurely you are a man of art

closely in my solitude

i will clean up the mess

looking up at the sky

protection from the divine

this story has started

full of truthful sighs

i believe some have crossed the line

inside this heart a heart of a lion

i am part of mount zion

into the voide so full of grace

i am present there is no mistake

always and ever a door to better worlds

i am the mother

the daughter

of great pearls

The End

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