Little Voice

Hello, little voice in my head

Please don't shrink away

I know for a fact that you've got something hidden

Something you want to say


C'mon, little voice

Don't be shy

We used to be the best of friends

We used to see eye to eye


I know that I grew up a lot

But, in a way, I'm still the same

I know I kind of abandoned you

And for that, I take all the blame


But I miss you, little voice

Why can't you see

I miss the stories we would live in

I miss the way it used to be


Ok, little voice

I guess I understand

That maybe you don't want to talk

I know I made you mad


But will you listen, little voice

I have a story I want to share

I'll write it one of those big books, the story of my and my little voice

And how we made such a great pair.

The End

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