Little Shop of HeartbreakMature

Can’t say there is an Open neon sign that shines by my door….

After all the robberies and vandalism, what’s left is something a poor man wouldn’t take, even if it was given.

Inventory is not great in this shop; we have an abundance of psychological scars and one heart as hard as a rock.

About a couple hundred emotions, but those change with the season, hell they don’t wait, they can change without reason.

If you are looking for damage, I’ve got plenty to spare; it’s next to the bitterness and left of I don’t really care.

Sarcasm? Yes. Right beside the mess hall. Go ahead, try it on, once size always fits all.

Skewed views of love, that’s our top selling item, but the hopeless romantics don’t really by them.

Displays of fun times and badass tattoos, draw customers in crowds but remain only a few.

They look and they browse unimpressed with my collection, but they never resist the come fuck me section.  

No fitting rooms, no returns, no refunds, or barter.

I run this shop and I’ll run you off even harder.  

I should shut the place down, sell it off piece by piece, but then I look at my things and realize they’re unique.

They are high in experience and have greater value in lessons; with my stock going up I could survive this depression.

I’ll gut the place out and start a new renovation; new merchandise and style and a stronger foundation.

Smiles will be free with blessings down every aisle, and the confidence section will keep customers awhile.

Hunger for life is always on sale and appreciation is sold at a Costco scale.

Passion comes with a lifetime guarantee and pennies could buy you spontaneity.

We don’t carry expectation, but we have come what may; along with no judgment, no conflict, and no worry grays.

Excitement and fearlessness would be the perfect attire; take a walk in my shoes they are sure to inspire.

Our gratefulness serves for any event; you may be surprised, it’s money well spent!

I’ll be open for business; come out and peruse. I have lots of happiness to give and you have nothing to lose.

The End

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