Little Pieces

shaking hands i wave goodbye

never thought it would end like this

heart on the floor in little pieces

shattered into little pieces

never thought i'd have to say goodbye

but here it is:

the moment of truth

no longer am i needed,

no longer is there any love

i gave you everything i had

loved more freely then ever before

more fiercely, more strongly

but here is goodbye

its as if this last year means nothing

and here i am, left here alone

wondering when love became something so easily forgotten

well honey i haven't forgotten

every day is a struggle

and here i am, wondering if our love was ever real

and here i am, wondering how you forgot me so quickly, so easily

dropped me like a piece of trash, so easily forgotten

well honey i miss you

and here i am, craving your smile

wondering if I'll ever forget.


The End

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