Little Known Epitaphs of the Dead and Famous

A researcher for the International Cemetery Society has recently come upon collection of poetic epitaphs for some of the world's most renowned individuals.

An Epitaph for Indiana Jones


Here in this plot there rests the bones,

Of a prof with the name, Indiana Jones.

He is buried with his whip and felt fedora,

A hat he once bought in Bora Bora.


Indy was best known for his spectacular finds,

The Ark, the Grail, but not Solomon Mines.

He'd dig up the treasures of ages gone by

And fight off the henchman of some evil guy.


But now he waits for some coming day,

When a new Indy Jones might come his way,

Following a map found in a dusty old book,

And find Indy's bones and give them a look.









The End

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