The Lump Speaketh

The Lump did slowly move then
He wasn't one to rush
He opened his mouth widely
And they fell into a hush

"I," said the Lump with effort
And then there was a pause
"Don't," a beat, then, "Know."
To the crowd's 'oohs' and 'ahhs'

"Well that's no help," said Jimmy
And he prepared to leave
Til "Wait!" did yell the Blart
"I've a trick up my left sleeve."

"The Lump, we know," the Blart said
"Is wise and kind and good
But thinking he cannot do, you see
Without a stomach full of food!"

So here and there they scattered
To find the Lump a bite to eat
Choc'late grass and jelly stones
Licorice moss and minty peat!

They threw their spoils before the Lump
Who raised a mighty hand
And grabbed it all and ate it
With a sound that shook the land

"So here's the deal?" the Lump said
Much quicker to speak this time
"Mingtorts are boring creatures
They're petrified of rhyme!"

"So wait," said Jimmy slowly
"They're really not so bad?
We only need to say 'Big Fig!'
And there's no trouble to be had!"

Armed with this new knowledge
Then left the Lump right then
With waves and songs and cheering
To return to the Purple Hen

The End

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