To Higgump Hill!

"To Higgum Hill, to Higgump Hill"

Was the battle cry they made,

As they marched along the Licorice Road,

Beside the Gooseberry Glade.


And as on they went, they began to skip

To the sound of woodpecker drums,

But before they reached the upward climb,

They stopped and ate some plums.


The plums they found were magic plums

That cast on them a spell,

It almost caused the Blart and Jump

to fall into a well.


But Jubilee, he saved the day,

But recalling the secrets words,

The words of plums and purple thumbs,

and eating whey and curds.


So when all was clear and all was safe,

They started to the hill,

To the find Lump, the friend of Jump,

Who was waiting for them still.


The Geese were the first to catch sight of him,

The Lump so chubby and wise,

Then Joy and Jimmy were the next to see,

The Lump with their very own eyes.


"Oh, Lump, Oh, Lump, we have a question to ask,

Your answer we need to know,

When it comes to dealing Mingtorts snorts,

What is the best possible way to go?"





The End

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