A Timely Tuck

Tuck the talking pocketwatch
Happened by just then
"We've got no time! We must be off!"
He told them, striking ten

The Blart asked Tuck what did he mean
And Tuck told them all a tale
Of scary creatures called Mingtorts
Who were long and mean and pale

"They followed your toes to the Land of Blart
Those sneaky nasty things!
They're on their way to the Hen right now
On smelly, dirty wings!"

The Geese said they should give some tea
To the Mingtorts on the way
But Tuck said Mingtorts don't drink tea
"They do not even play!"

"Quick!" said the Blart, and Jimmy too
"We must away from here!
Their beady eyes and rhino horns
Are drawing much too near!"

"To Higgump Hill we must be off!"
Jump said, taking charge
"The Higgump Lump can help us all
His brain is rather large!"

So off went Jimmy and the Blart
and Jump and Jubilee
Joy and Hop and Geese came too
To see what they could see

The End

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