The Blart and his Friends

"Jimmy, please keep up the pace,

For we have some ways to go.

If you hope to meet

The critters you need to know."


So they crossed a river of marmalade

And through a field of gingerbread men,

Until they arrived at a village inn,

Known as The  Pink and Purple Hen.


The Blart called out to his old friends,

Who sat drinking jasmine tea.

It was there they met on that strangest day,

Jump, Joy, and Jubilee.


Jump, he was a kangaroo,

With spots of blue and green,

He had tufts of golden whiskers,

The longest Jimmy had ever seen.


Joy, she was a tiger cat,

With stripes of white and brown,

She had the eyes of summer sky,

And a face with ne'er a frown.


Jubilee was a bumble bee,

Who when he spoke he buzzed,

He was yellow and black, and rather fat,

And all that he had was fuzzed.


So there they sat and drank jasmine tea,

And told stories of who they be,

First went Blart then Jubilee,

Then Joy and Jump, and Jimminey.


Drinking Jasmine tea,

Yes, drinking Jasmine tea.









The End

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