Fun in the Land of Blarts

“However did we get here?

Asked Jimmy of the Blart.

“We did not come by plane or car,

By boat, or horse and cart.”


The Blart gave a loud snirtle,

One finger to his nose,

And said, “Jimmy don't worry.

We just followed our toes!”


Young Jimmy shrugged and pondered,

And looked down at his feet

“Well, that makes sense, but hang on...

What happened to the street?”


For in the ground were sparkly bits

of red and green and blue,

And plants which sprouted feathers

(Which was odd, our Jimmy knew.)


Then came a squawk, a shriek, a cry

(A mixture of those things)

Upon a silver branch he saw

A bird with leafy wings.


The Blart touched Jimmy's shoulder

For he saw he was alarmed

“Fear not,” he laughed “It's just a Flink,

By him you'll not be harmed.”


The Flink fluttered his leaves and lifted

From the silver tree.

“Now come along,” the Blart said,

“We have many things to see.”

The End

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