Little Jimmy and the Blart

I've been itching to make a children's rhyming tale for awhile now, and you could help scratch said itch by contributing :)

Little Jimmy Horner
Was laying himself to sleep
Tired and ready to number
His nightly counting sheep

The darkness crept around him
Like ink from upturned well
But his nightlight always told him
That things would turn out swell

Tonight was much the same
At least upon first glance
But then his lightbulb died
And the dark began its dance

Shadows jumped around the room
Making Jimmy see false things
Wourks and Slorks and Hicklebies
And nasty Stinging Splings!

He hid his youthful head
Neath blankets warm and tight
How would he ever make it
Through this terrifying night!

Suddenly he felt a tap
And turned with quite a start
He couldn't quite see it yet
But he'd just met a Blart!

"Come!" quickly said the Blart
"To the land of Blartly stuff!
To last the night in the dark
Is really quite too tough!"

Jimmy nodded and was pulled
Away from where he sat
Beneath his pillows fluffy was
Where he felt he now was at

A look around then proved him wrong
It was bright as day!
They'd gone from in his darkened room
To somewhere far away!

"Where are we now?" asked Jimmy
With wonder in his voice
"The Land of Blarts!" the Blart said
With a happy Blarty noise 

The End

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