Little Green Strips

How can one strip of paper


The size of your hand



In green

With numbers

And portraits of men

Who haven’t lived for centuries


Contain all the world’s value,

All the world’s power?


This one strip of green bark

Rules countries

Saves lives

Incites war

Explores space

Drives men insane with greed

And unquenchable thirsts for power;


Don’t they know

Only little green strips

Are capable of power?


But how can these sheared tree skins

No larger than an infant

Conquer life


When it is as easy to tear

As a Kleenex?

What kind of conqueror


With a rip?


That’s the difference

Between a little green strip

And an infant;


One must spend years killing the other,

While the other can kill the one

In a second.

The End

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