Smiles are TreacherousMature

where is the girl with her head screwed on straight-

where is the girl with the smile on her face?

they kidnapped her grin and beat it senseless,

life fucked her so hard she lost it-

her head i mean.

actually, no,i mean that she fucking lost everything.

the people she loved, they shun her-

the world she knew, it hates her-

she is the despised, the angry, shouted lies.

she is the possible, the beautiful, the wonderful, the true-

she is the penultimate demise,

the eventual future, a display of the inevitable-

a bitter show for the audience to swallow.

she knows not the beauty of her desolation,

the history of the brokenness in her bones entrance,

every soul that meets her soulless eyes shudders from the chill of knowledge hidden there-

here eyes are the eyes of a dying soldier-

a martyr for the replaceable-

she is the statuette of the hearts dark corridors.

the heroine of the misunderstood.

her mind is the playground of dashed hopes and disappointments-

her smile is fake and painted on-

her head is lost, no longer her own-

her body is not hers  to claim anymore.

The End

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