Morals and Dreams Don't MixMature

Where did she and her dreams go?

she died-

perished in a fire that society set.

"i never lit a match but the flames are getting out of control"

her dreams burned, like lighting fluid on hot coals-

her blood runs hot:

they never took blame for a damn thing that they've done-

my innocence, my hope, my faith- all gone.

i have nothing but the ideals being shoved down my throat,

there isn't a solid way for me to cope

. my enemy is all around me, closing in-

i'm just another one playing a game they can't win.

she lost her golden touch- 

the lost cause of the hopeless proved to much.

she had a drink to many,

fell and cracked her head on too much forgetting,

and forgot what is was she always wanted to remember-

she forgot what it was like to be human, to not have any terrible mistakes.

she's forgotten what its like to be loved.

or what its like to love.

the fire filled her lungs with smoke and now her life is just illusion,

smoke and mirrors making her think she's still breathing-

but she's dead, just like the rest of you-

rotten to the core with morals that support the murder of differences-

the kind of morals that can shake the foundation of five familial generations-

the kind that will leave a girl for dead.

society eats the weak, so you're little girl tried to  become strong all on her own-

aren't you proud of her?

the way she walks the streets like she owns them-

in fact, she actually just fucked the guy who does,

your standards treat her well-

YOU and your values taught her that even in the midst of hell,

the sanctuary of her body means wealth.

The End

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